Drones – a mixed blessing!

Drones worry me. Recently whilst walking up a hill in the Lake District we were followed by a drone videoing our progress. Not only did I feel this was a disruption of the solitude we had come to the Lake District to enjoy, but the sound of the drone, like a hive of angry bees, destroyed the ambience of the surrounding countryside, smothering the bird song and other tunes of nature. And now that we have Amazon trialing delivery by drone and other companies seeking to exploit this technology I worry that what little peace and quite we can find in our countryside will soon be lost.

However, the drone is a fascinating and disruptive piece of technology and some bright minds are finding innovative and beneficial applications. For example, BioCarbon Engineering are developing drones that can scatter tree seeds over an enormous area, re-foresting depleted lands on a scale not believed possible with conventional technologies. Watch this fascinating video for an explanation. The company envisages swarms of these drones re-planting many billions of trees!

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